The memorial of Joseph Brotherton in Weaste Cemetery, Salford. Heavily retouched partly because the weather was against me. It is pretty beaten and a lot of the features of the memorial have been removed or heavily worn. The temporary fence is new since my last visit but it is difficult to see if it helps or not.

Brotherton was Salford’s first MP but given the press that MPs have had recently this probably underestimates his contribution to establishing some of the key features of public life in Salford - including Peel Park and the Library. He was also vegetarian and part of the movement led by Revd Cowherd. The Wikipedia entry is a lightweight starting point as is the entry from Weaste Cemetery itself.

What requires a bit more research is the degree to which Brotherton was involved in the establishment of the Mechanics Institute or Working Man’s Institute in Salford - given his other support for other public works it would seem highly likely - which would potentially make him the original driving force behind what eventually became the University.